Decor Inspiration

Source: Hulya Kolabas/Good Housekeeping

I am moving into a cute little townhouse in a month or so and have decided to use this as an excuse to scrawl through multiple Pinterest blogs, stalk bloggers’ Instagram pics, and spend endless hours in Kmart (man, they are killing it with the homewares) to find decor ideas for my bedroom, bathroom and balcony. 

While I am still endlessly researching for inspiration, below is what I’m liking so far.


My bedroom will have it’s own ensuite and while the downside is the realisation I will have to actually clean the bathroom (yes, I’m 20 and have managed to avoid doing this chore), I’m super excited to get the chance to add some pieces. One of these is a tray to place my essentials – the products I use the most – as well as a bathroom caddy to put my towels in (all rolled up nicely). For cotton tips, cotton wool balls, and brushes, I want to store them using glass canisters.


My bedroom happens to have a balcony (which is something I’m way too excited about). Not content with it simply being just a balcony, I want to add in this Kmart Ladder Shelf as it’s perfect for placing plants, cactuses, flowers and various bits and bots. If there’s room, I would love to include an acapulco chair so I can sit, drink tea and read a magazine.


The number of photographs I’ve sourced for bedroom decor inspiration has made this area particularly tricky. I have so many ideas and so little time (or money). At the moment, I have a wardrobe rack which I absolutely love – I put my best items on there and have even placed a hat on the end – but I’m not sure if it will fit. The new bedroom cupboard has ample storage for my clothes so I might have to let go of my wardrobe rack ideas. In addition, I’m on the hunt for the perfect white study desk that is small – as my current one is too big – to place my laptop, books, and artwork. I’m tossing up between getting a small table or a cube storage shelf to place my magazines, jewellery, and others bits and pieces.

Please let me know of some good blogs for decor inspiration as I love finding more ideas!



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