Resort James St 2015


James Street once again hosted their annual ‘Resort’ shopping event in October transforming the precinct into a creative hub for three days. The street has become the ideal location to connect designers and creatives with Brisbane’s finely-dressed and has even been likened to that of LA’s The Grove by the Brisbane Times



First off, I attended the Resort After Dark event where I got to see the incredibly talented and equally stylish Margaret Zhang and, of course, did some good old shopping.


I popped into Molten Store and had to console myself after realising I was too poor to afford the beautiful jewellery and accessories. I have to point out that their visual merchandising is impeccable – from the earrings set against crystal rocks to the necklaces draped over vintage books and the flowers adorning the moon shaped tables, it’s a treasure hunter’s dream.





I also checked out Zimmermann, a favourite Australian label of mine and have been eyeing this particular dress.  For some reason, every time I see one of their stores I always check if they have this dress (maybe my sub-conscious thinks if I keep looking at it, it might just appear in my wardrobe).


After I saw the drool-worthy shoes in Zomp, I went into MAC Cosmetics for a glass of champagne and to check out the latest makeup.




Image by James St Facebook

The next day, I attended the intimate ‘Resort Trailblazers’ discussion featuring guest speakers Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three, Holly Ryan of the namesake jewellery label and Gorman’s creative director, Lisa Gorman. It was a fascinating and eye-opening discussion on the future of Australian fashion.

Here are the main points that were spoken about;

MBFWA’s recent announcement on changing dates to align with Resort

All three guest speaks spoke strongly in support of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia’s recent announcement to move the dates next year from April to May 15-21. The change allows for designers to showcase their Resort collections and present at “the beginning of the global sales window”, according to IMG’s media statement. It was emphasised by all three speakers that Australia is known for it’s resort and swimwear and should take advantage of this, as resort is an established global business that brings in sales.

Don’t aspire to just be a fashion blogger

Margaret Zhang pointed out that to be a ‘fashion blogger’ shouldn’t be the end goal. Her blog, Shine by Three, is rather used as a vehicle to create meaningful and high-quality content as a photographer, writer and stylist. This is evident in her collaborations with luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Clinique and Swarovski.

Be authentic when it comes to social media

Designers have discovered the power of social media since Instagram was founded in 2010 making it terrifyingly easy to gain momentum and recognition at a faster pace than ever before. Authenticity is key, however, to engaging an audience and making sure your brand lasts. This goes the same for aspiring fashion bloggers.

E-Commerce vs. Brick and Mortar & Print vs. Digital 

There were varying perspectives on the pro’s and con’s of each, however the general consensus was that there can be a balance of both. It is about using each to your advantage – perhaps for one designer brick and mortar is more in line with their business values whereas e-commerce is more suited for another.


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  1. So much great info!! I totally agree i’n regards to authenticity😊

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