Makeup Essentials


With an imminent house shift I’ve recently been forced to do a beauty haul where upon it was discovered I had been holding onto numerous unopened foundation bottles, six year old lipsticks and a ridiculous number of brushes. This allowed me to clear out my not so smart beauty buys and hold onto my essentials. As I am particularly fascinated with reading about other people’s makeup routines and what products they use (à la Into the Gloss), I thought I would show you my makeup essentials. 

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids Lipstick in ‘Vivid Rose’ & ‘Neon Red’ 


I have been loyal to these two lipsticks since I found them while wandering around the beauty aisle at the local Kmart a few years ago. Particularly the ‘Neon Red’ has been a hit because of it’s innate ability to elevate any outfit. When applied, it goes from a creamy to a matte look – which is ideal as I’m not the biggest fan of glossiness.


Rimmel London ‘Color Stay Mineral Finishing’ Powder 


This powder is used primarily to add a bit of colour to my face or highlight my cheekbones – I tend to think of it as a bronzer.


OPI Nail Polish


You will never see me without nail polish. I always feel unpolished (sorry pun intended) and think something is missing if I don’t wear it. As you will notice my nail polish is all OPI – I find that it’s easy to apply and lasts long. For summer I tend to favour red – using the ‘Coca-Cola Red’. However, at the moment I’ve been rotating darker colours such as the ‘Sleigh Parking Only’, ‘Incognito Sausalito’, ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ and ‘Black Onyx’.


Rimmel London Brow Styling Gel ‘Brow this Way’ 


Without a doubt, this eyebrow styling gel has been a life-saver because not only are my eyebrows unruly but tend to fade quite quickly. I was initially hesitant to use this as I’ve seen people go a tad too enthusiastic with colouring their eyebrows but this product is super easy to put on and the brown shade is a more natural look for me.

Natio Waterproof Mascara


This Natio mascara has been a mainstay in my makeup bag because believe me when I say it is super water-proof. In fact, water-proof enough that I tested it (albeit without my permission) while being stuck in the pouring rain at an outdoor festival and found not once did my mascara streak.


Nude by Nature ‘Natural Mineral Cover’ Powder 


Powder has been a beauty essential for me since I first started wearing makeup. Yet, it took me quite a few trial and errors to actually settle down on finding the right shade for my skin – there was an unfortunate time in year 11 where my face was looking way too brown compared to my neck. While I rotate between a few powders this Nude by Nature one is perfect for everyday use. It’s been a godsend for my combination skin and miraculously lasts all day without needing a touch-up. I even sometimes mix the light with light/medium shade if I want to add a bit more colour. It is a bit pricy for a student budget but I have found that these last me 2-3 months despite using it everyday.


Bobbi Brown ‘Skin Weightless’ Powder Foundation

I don’t use this powder quite as often as the Nude by Nature one except for special occasions. It provides an amazing smooth-like appearance on my face (hence their use of the term ‘cashmere-like’ in the product description) and is the right shade for my skin.

Napoleon Perdis ‘Green Living’ Eye Shadow

After constantly borrowing from my mum’s eye shadow collection I finally grew up and bought my own starting off with the Napoleon Perdis ‘Green Living’ eye shadow. I’m a huge fan of dark eye shadows and decided brown was the best option to use for day and night-time. It is very easy to blend and gives a smooth finish.


M.A.C. Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone

This primer is an essential step in my makeup routine before applying foundation and powder. In addition to being super-light it’s also used to help minimise the pores along the T-Zone by eliminating oil and shine, which is a must for those sweltering Brisbane summers.

Natio Tinted Moisturiser

If I’m having a day where I can’t be bothered to put foundation on I will mix this with my Cetaphil Daily Facial moisturiser to even out my skin tone. Without makeup or not, I wear this everyday because it contains SPF 50+. I have very pale skin that is easily prone to getting burnt so it’s an essential to include SPF in my skincare and makeup routine. I find that it never irritates my skin which isn’t suprising seeing that it contains vitamin E, aloe, jojoba, chamomile and green tea – great ingredients to calm the skin.


Napoeleon Perdis Stroke of Genius Foundation

This foundation is ideal if you are wanting to achieve a dewy look (without looking too dewy) – plus I’m a sucker for the built-in brush.

Natio Pure Mineral Foundation

This foundation is a much lower-priced alternative than the above and is one I use for everyday. It’s not too heavy for my skin and is also the perfect base for my Nude by Nature mineral powder. It also somehow manages to not get my skin oily even if I wear it from 9-5.

Let me know what your makeup essentials are in the comments!


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